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Over the year we invite our customers, guests and partners to very outstanding and exclusive events. Our next event is . Please feel free to have also a look at our upcoming events.

Online Shop

We offer you beautiful art prints of our paintings in our online shop. Select your favorite art print, choose your preferred size and send us your order. Shortly you will hold your new high quality art print in your hand to enjoy it.

New Artworks

In regular intervals we will show new, original works by internationally demanded artists in our gallery.
Discover new artworks like "Satisfaction", "Bulldog M (gold)", "Tiger “Asura”", "El Mundo I" and a lot more in our virtual gallery.


We offer artworks in our gallery from very famous artists like J.Richartz, Ed Heck, Waldemar Erz, Frank Krüger, Robert Box, Georgi Andonov, Feliks Büttner, Enrique Razquin, Holger Lippmann, Ludo Modelo and a lot more. Please feel free to discover the works of our awesome artists, which are presented in the "Galeria Frank Krüger".

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